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A fast RPC for the NEAR blockchain, based on Redis and LMDB.

About FastNEAR

Fast-Near aims to provide the fastest RPC implementation for NEAR Protocol using high-performance storage backends:

  • in-memory storage in Redis.
  • SSD optimized storage using LMDB.

It is optimized for view call performance and ease of deploy and scaling.

Note about data sync

FastNear doesn't sync with the NEAR blockchain on its own. Data needs to be loaded either from NEAR Lake or from Near State Indexer.


The FastNEAR API server provides a low-latency RPC API for wallets and explorers.

Supported APIs

Public Key

  • Public Key to Account ID mapping.
  • Full Access Public Key to Account ID mapping.
  • Any Public Key to Account ID mapping.

Account ID

  • Account ID to delegated staking pools (validators).
  • Account ID to fungible tokens (FT contracts).
  • Account ID to non-fungible tokens (NFT contracts).

Token ID

  • Token ID to top 100 accounts by balance (for FT contracts).

Click here to see the complete list of API endpoints and usage examples.

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