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An Explorer allows you to quickly obtain information from the blockchain through a friendly user interface. These useful tools enable for example to: These useful tools enable for example to:

  1. Search for a transactions and its receipts.
  2. Check all the interactions in a smart contract.
  3. See the balance of an account.
  4. View block creations in real time


Created by the community, NearBlocks enables to check accounts and transactions with an interface similar to etherscan.

NearBlocks Main page of NearBlocks


Nearscope provides a NEAR node validator and delegator explorer.

Nearscope Main page of Nearscope


DappLooker lets you analyze and query NEAR blockchain data, build dashboards to visualize data and share with your community.

DappLooker Main page of DappLooker


Pikespeak provides access to real-time and historical data on the NEAR Protocol.

Pikespeak Main page of Pikespeak

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