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Supported Wallets

Here's a range of user-friendly wallets that support the NEAR blockchain:

  • HERE Wallet: Non-custodial mobile wallet with a friendly user interface and advanced features.

  • Meteor Wallet: Both a browser and extension wallet, with advanced NFT features.

  • Mintbase Wallet: A passkey meta-transaction, browser wallet, with advanced NFT and AI features. If you're looking to integrate Mintbase Wallet into your applications, check this tutorial to get started.

  • MyNearWallet: A browser based wallet that offers the same UI and features of wallet.near.org.

  • NEAR Mobile: A non-custodial wallet that is easy to use and well designed to manage your crypto wherever you go.

  • Nightly Wallet: A mobile and extension wallet, with support for multiple ecosystems.

  • Sender Wallet: Security-audited mobile & extension wallet with 1M+ users, supporting NEAR & Aurora.

  • WELLDONE Wallet: A multi-chain extension wallet that gives you control over all your assets from a single platform.

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