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Choose your Dev Environment

The environments in which you can develop Components are divided into two categories:

  • Web Tools: Online tools that allow you to quickly start building and sharing components.
  • Local Tools: Tools that allow you to develop and test components locally.
Handling collaborations

If you plan to collaborate with multiple people, we recommend you to check this repository template which automatically deploys components each time a PR is merged.

Web Tools

The quickest way to start building NEAR Components is by using one of the online tools. They are great for taking your first steps, while they let you find other developers and components in the NEAR ecosystem. is a web IDE made for NEAR developers. It contains examples and tutorials to help onboarding you.

Local Tools

If you want to collaborate with a team or work on a larger project, you will likely want more version control, automated testing and deployment, and other workflows. For this, the NEAR ecosystem offers a set of tools to easily develop and test your components entirely locally.

NEAR VSCode Extension

The NEAR VSCode Extension integrates with the VSCode IDE to help you develop, preview and deploy components all within VSCode.

BOS Loader

A CLI tool to preview local components in NEAR BOS. A perfect companion to the BOS CLI.


A command line utility that simplifies local component development for NEAR BOS.

BOS Workspace

A comprehensive toolset for simplifying the local development of NEAR components and applications, featuring hot reload, TypeScript support, multi-app management, and a local gateway.


A web3 JavaScript/TypeScript library to create web3 applications for Near BOS. It's developer-friendly and uses React patterns, making it easy to organize files and write code. Access the Além Docs to get to know more.

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