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Public Method Types

Methods can be called externally by using the view({}) or call({}) decorators within the contract class which will expose the method in the compiled WASM bytecode to be called by any other NEAR Account. Whenever a method is declared in your contract class without these decorators and is called by another NEAR Account, a MethodNotFound error will be thrown.


If you need a contract to call itself, you can mark the function with these decorators but add the ({ privateFunction: true }) annotation in the decorator parameters so that it will panic if called from anything but the contract itself.

A basic usage of this would look like the following:

export class MyContractStructure {
@call({}) // or @view({})
some_method({ parameter_a, parameter_b }) {
// .. method logic here
snake_case vs camelCase

We recommend using snake_case for method names, contrary to the camelCase convention in JavaScript. This is because the method names for a majority of contracts in the NEAR ecosystem use snake_case, and it is easier to use the same convention for all contracts.

Where this would expose some_method from the WASM binary and allow it to be called externally.

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